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    In the cellar part, an 8 cm thick ferro-concrete will be built, which is a plate concrete strengthened with ironwork. To this will come one course of a 3 mm thick waterproofing and the walling of the cellar from cellarwalling brick, size 30. The base of the stairs will be cast in one with the base of the cellar. An E beam roof will be taken to the walling of the cellar. In the other parts of the house there will be traditional foundations with 90 cm depths, 40 cm width and concreting strengthened with ironwork (with 6 threads) till the surface in the part of the sole timber and a 30 cm thick shutterstone foot-stall. We fit the foundation with a 10 cm concrete strenghtened with ironwork from the border of the base to the border of the base after the mechanical base wireing of the water pressure and the water gang. There will be taken a bituminized board insulation, a 4 cm thick step-proof thermal insulation and a 6 cm thick base concrete, as well in the parts up to the cellar.
    The exterior head walling is from ceramic brick type 38, in what a jacketed floating coat will be taken and onto it, we pull Baumit rubbed scratch coat in white colour according to the offer. Other colourscan be optional for difference in prices.
    The interior main walling is from ceramic brick type 10 with wire strenghtening.
    The ceiling in the ground floor made from E beam with pane elements. We take a 10 thick step-proof thermo insulation and sound insulation, than a 5 cm thick concrete.
    The trussing made from a 7.5 x 15 cm sized timber with bracing or ….(fogópáros) solving, a foil-twirl, battening and drip-boxing.
    According to our offer, it made from Mediterranean concrete roof tile in brick, red or authtracite colour, with its accessories.
    With zinc-plate gutter and runnel, as required with curl-tinning. Other technologies can be built for extra charge.
    Made from spruce with K1,3 glass, prices are set in the quatition. Quality guaranteed by the joiner Róbert Bene. Inner doors filled with spruce from the Delta Ltd. Window stills outside made from cradled concrete finished on the spot, inside from timber.
    Surface inside white dispersed dye on sawdusted wallpaper. From outside the floating coat get scratch coat coloring.
    Any kind of ceramics, carpet- or thermo-covering as demanded, til 2.500 Ft/m2 material price, in the bathroom wall tile to 2 metres on the walling. On the terrace we take stone porcelain till the price of 1.500.000 Ft/m2, the exterior cellar way leading down will remain uncovered, there will be polished concrete.
    Electric preparing with white coloured Galea Valena switches and connectors in the wall in sleeve pipe: 2 pc of tv and 2 pc of telephone piping preparing without wires, in rooms 1 switch with 2 connectors, in the kitchen 2 switches with 4 connectors, in the living-room 2 switches with 3 connectors, in the bathroom 1 pc of switch with a connector + boiler- and washing machine current, in the entrance-hall 1 pc of switch, 1 connector, 1 ding-dong bell, on the terrace 1 exterior light switch and 1 exterior connector, in the cellar 1 switch and 1 connector. Without lampbody in every place. Every extra switches and connectors for 6.500 Ft/pc additional price.
    In the floorand in the wall plastic (so-called unipipe) conduits with Klúdi standard valv battery, Alföld ceramic saniters. In the bathroom it comes with 1 pc of lamina bath, 1 washbasin and 1 shower stall for a 40.000 Ft value. In the toile there is 1 washbasin and 1 lavatory pan with service box. In the kitchen sink preparation sticking out from the wall with angle valves.
    Vogel or Dunaferr radiators or underfloor heating for basic price, the combination of the two for extra charges. The heating and the hot-water supply is provided by Merloni T2 combi-circo turbo boiler.WE conduct the radiator pipes in the floor and in the wall.
    WE mount it with copper tube inside and outside the wall into a channel with the building of a roof-air hole in the kitchen, an air inlaid lock on the wall and a building of the gas-meter case.
    The terrace on schedule is going up with the foundation, with one line of 20 cm thick shutterstone and earth backing. The 10 cm thick concrete stiffen with ironwork will be built together with the concrete of the main building. After bitumenized waterproofingit will get a sloped cover from concrete and stone-porcelaine finally till the price of 1.500 FT/m2.
We also build any other kinds of houses, planned by other designers with technical contents, for special quotations. Special quotations applies to owner-occupied blocks too.

The prices above include VAT.

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